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Audiology Services



Here at the Gupta ENT Center we offer comprehensive audiologic evaluations to assess the hearing of our patients. Our office is one of the few offices in South-East Michigan that is equipped with the state of the art clinical audiometer; the Madsen Astera by Otometrics. This high tech piece of equipment enables us to carry out 2-channel diagnostic assessment to determine whether the patient has a conductive hearing loss (middle ear-related) or a sensorineural hearing loss (nerve related). The Madsen Astera also has pre-recorded speech test material which reduces variability between presenters and standardizes testing with the same patient.

Hearing evaluations assist the doctor in determining the underlying cause and severity of one's hearing loss. If a medical condition is identified as the cause of the hearing loss, appropriate referrals will be made. Our Audiology Department is staffed with Board Certified Audiologist, with many years of experience in working with children and adults.

Complete audiological evaluations & balance assessments

  • Infant, pediatric and adult testing
  • Digital hearing aids and assistive listening devices
  • Large selection of instrument brands, styles and technologies
  • Custom fittings and educational time with our Board Certified Audiologist
  • Custom fit hearing protection ear molds such as Musicians Earplugs and DefendEar
  • Fun colored swim molds for children with PE tubes
  • Fitted Docs Pro Plugs earplugs
  • Follow up for abnormal school hearing tests

Our goal is to provide the highest level of audiological and hearing aid services through our educated staff, superior products, informative community service programs, and excellent customer service.