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Pediatric ENT Specialist

Anil K. Gupta, MD

ENT located in Royal Oak, MI

Diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat, are among the most common conditions affecting children. Anil K. Gupta, MD, at Gupta ENT Center in Royal Oak, Michigan, offers diagnosis, management, and treatment for children with ear, nose, and throat problems. Call the practice today to schedule an appointment.

Pediatric ENT Q & A

What’s the Most Common Pediatric Surgical Procedure?

Ear Tubes

The procedure involves the placement of a tiny plastic tube into the eardrum. The purpose of the tube is to create ventilation for the ear. When the eustachian tube is not functional, the ear will fill up with fluid. If the ear can ventilate, there will be no fluid, and without fluid, there is essentially no risk of infection or hearing loss. The procedure is a very simple five-minute surgery. A microscope is used and the tube is placed via the ear canal and buttoned into the eardrum. There is no pain afterward.


The procedure is the removal of lymph tissue that is located directly behind the nose. Adenoids are removed for a variety of reasons. Chronic nasal obstruction and snoring are the most common reasons. Other reasons are recurrent sinus infections, recurrent ear infections, speech problems, or dental problems. The procedure is a ten minute outpatient surgery. The adenoids are vaporized with a cautery instrument through the mouth. The usual recovery is one day.


The procedure is the removal of lymph tissue that is on either side of the throat, just behind the back of the tongue. Tonsils are most commonly removed due to airway obstruction and snoring. Other reasons would be recurrent infections and swallowing or speech problems. The procedure involves separating the tonsil from the throat using a cautery instrument. Sometimes the tonsils are shaved down using a technology called collection. The surgery usually takes 30-45 minutes and is outpatient.

Ear infections

Consult with an ENT if your child has more than four ear infections in a year, has ear infections with speech delays, or has fluid in the ears for more than three months.

Other infections

Consult with Dr. Gupta if your child has multiple sinus infections in one year, frequent sore throats, or recurrent tonsillitis.

Frequent nosebleeds

Pediatricians can treat the occasional nosebleeds, but children who get regular nosebleeds should consult with an ENT.

Sleep problems

Children who experience frequent awakenings due to snoring should consult with Dr. Gupta. If you’re concerned your child stops breathing at night, the airway should be examined. If problems with the airway are discovered, Dr. Gupta can treat it medically or surgically.

Neck growths

The appearance of swollen or enlarged lymph nodes in children is often a sign they’re fighting an infection, but you should consult with Dr. Gupta if your child has a lump or mass in the neck for more than 2 weeks.

Contact Dr. Gupta at Gupta ENT Center for any concerns involving your child’s ear, nose, and throat health. You can call the practice to schedule a consultation.