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Balloon Sinuplasty Specialist

Anil K. Gupta, MD

ENT located in Royal Oak, MI

Almost 50% of chronic sinusitis patients are not successfully treated with medical therapy. Balloon sinuplasty is an option for people suffering from chronic sinusitis offered by Anil K. Gupta, MD, at Gupta ENT Center in Royal Oak, Michigan. Find relief from chronic sinusitis symptoms and see if you’re a candidate for balloon sinuplasty by scheduling an appointment online or calling the practice today. Dr. Gupta will perform a complete history and examination to determine if balloon sinuplasty is a potential treatment for your sinus issue.

Balloon Sinuplasty Q & A

What is balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is an endoscopic nasal procedure that safely and effectively dilates sinus openings, resulting in relief from sinus symptoms. 

In most patients, it can be performed in the office with local anesthesia only. The procedure involves the insertion and inflation of a balloon into the blocked sinus to gently expand the sinus opening. When the balloon is removed, the sinus remains open.

Does balloon sinuplasty hurt?

Local anesthesia is used to prevent pain during the procedure. Most people report feeling numbness or pressure during the procedure rather than pain. The balloon sinuplasty procedure itself takes about. 15 minutes. Prep time prior to the procedure is about 45 minutes.

How long is the recovery process after a balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is considered minimally invasive and does not require cutting or loss of nasal tissue or bone. The recovery time will vary from one patient to the next, but most patients receiving an in-office balloon sinuplasty with local anesthesia will return to normal activities within two days of the procedure.

What are the side effects of balloon sinuplasty?

The most common side effects associated with balloon sinuplasty are minor, and include:

  • Bloody drainage for about a day after the procedure
  • Mild Forehead, cheek, and nasal tenderness
  • Nasal Congestion

Don’t continue to suffer from chronic sinus issues. Give Dr. Gupta at Gupta ENT Center a call to determine if you’re a candidate for a balloon sinuplasty.