Happy National Doctors Day

We'd like to take the day, as always, to say thank you to all our physicians out there working for hard for us. More than ever in the midst of this pandemic, we appreciate all you do. Your sacrifice, knowledge and desire to serve, makes life a better place for us all! Thank you Dr. Gupta, your a great doctor and boss for all of us at Gupta ENT Center!! God Speed everyone.

The Gupta ENT Center Staff

Gupta ENT Center

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New Patients Welcomed!

Gupta ENT Center and Dr. Gupta are accepting new patients! Do you feel your hearing isn't what it use to be? Do you have ringing in your ears? All issues we can help you with. Call 248-549-9035 and explore the various hearing services we offer.

Why do I need hearing aids?

Hearing aids can make a big improvement in your lifestyle if you have been diagnosed with hearing loss. Properly functioning aids that meet the target values based on your prescription are very important in helping you hear well...

Office Closed

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 - we are closed until April 30.2020.