Phone Consultations with Dr. Gupta

With the uncertainty we are all facing with the Coronavirus, we've changed some treatment options for you. Although we may not be able to clean your ears over the phone, Dr. Gupta is still able to assess progress on some of your treatment plans he has in place for you! You can call the office and schedule time, just like an appointment, and Dr. Gupta will call you, review your past medical chart, address any of your concerns, refill prescriptions when able to and keep you on course with the best of his ability via a phone call. We all will do our part to self distance and continue your treatment plans until further CDC actions plans are put into place. Thank you for your cooperation and understand during this fluid period of time!

Gupta ENT Center

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Office Closed

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 - we are closed until April 30.2020.

Does hearing loss have you feeling like this?

Don't live with the frustration! We can help. Call 248-549-9035 to schedule an appointment with the doctor and a full audiological hearing test. Dr. Gupta will review all detailed hearing testing results with you personally after the exam is over.

CBD Balm

We now have CBD Balm! Great for sinus pressure and TMJ pain!