Office Balance Collection Changes

There will be changes moving forward in the new year on our process for collecting patient balances. We have partnered with TSI (Transworld), a company that specializes in medical collections and office attrition. Any patient that allows their office balance to go beyond the 60 days period with non payment unfortunatley will be submitted for collections. There may be additional fees associated in this process you will incure should your account be sent to them for payment. Patient payments are due at the time of service so any and all copays and deductibles must be paid within that timely manner. We understand the stress of insurance and these high patient responsibilities, however on the business side of things we need to move forward with these balances due. We are always willing to work the best we can with our patients that acknowledge their responsibilities, and do our best to work with them. As always please feel free to contact our billing department at any time to discuss any billing issues,

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